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Healing Naturally By Nature

A magical place like no where else......

Naturally By Nature (NBN) offers a wide range of natural and unique hand made items. Featuring a wide variety of medicinal and culinary herbs whether your looking for live plants grown on site, already dried herbs, or seeds to start on your own garden. If you're looking for products for health & beauty, first aid, ceremonial herbs and shrines, crystals, jewelry, leather work, decorated gourds, pottery, farm fresh eggs, local honey & maple syrup, seasonal produce grown on our farm, its all here!

We also offer several healing services such as Crystal Therapy, Reiki, & Private Yoga. For more detail please click on the "Services" button.

Kelly Sunny Rae will be holding several classes and hands on workshops through the year on a variety of topics, such as Crystals 101, How to grow, harvest, dry, & use your herbs, How to make herbal salves, teas, and tinctures, Seasonal herbal walks, Brewing Kombucha Tea, and many more. For more details on the topics and dates look at our calendar below.‚Äč