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Kelly "Sunny" Rae

Founder of Naturally By Nature

  Kelly Sunny Rae, is the creator and owner of Naturally By Nature. She is also a Certified Crystal Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Horticulturist, & Self Taught Herbalist.

Teaching about Yoga, Medicinal Herbs, Crystals, Energy Healing and Kombucha is a passion of hers, that has an untameable force to learn and grow more. Everything we need is right out our door or within us, as long as you know where to look and how to recognize it! Learning is a lifelong commitment in order to evolve to our higher self.

Her goal was to create a place for people to gather, learn, and find alignment with in themselves. Having traveled the world and experiencing many different cultures, she has been able to see how we as Americans have strayed from a healthy diet, connection to nature, and from our own true essence. Practicing a plant based diet for the past 20 years has taught her appreciation for nutrition and an awareness of where our food comes from. She will be sharing with you all what has helped her along her journey, with hopes to help you with yours.  


"Slow down, unplug, and tune into yourself and you will hear your inner-voice once again, guiding you every step of the way"


Jon White Crow

Founder of White Crow Studios

Jon has been a Certified Reiki  Master/Teacher since 2010.  He also has been studying and practicing Foot Reflexology, Chair Massage, & Ear Candling for several years.  Jon uses his keen sense of  intuition to guide him to the places that need healing the most.  Healing comes in many forms for Jon, whether it's through his Art, Music, or Touch. 

Our Team

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Official Greeter

Tipsey is our lovable & playful 4 year old dog, with a mix of personality somewhere between spoiled & rotten!!  She is very vocal, so don't be alarmed when she announces your presence.  After all her job as "official greeter" is to let us know your here!! 

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We understand traveling can be an issue for many people, so for those who can not make the trip out to show your support , by clicking the donate button , know you will have a hand in creating a beautiful & positive place for people to come to learn, grow, and strengthen the light within us all.


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